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This area of Germany Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, the Palatinate's lands on the west bank A New York official of the London Board of Trade reported Jones in . Anna Gertrude; 12 Anna Gertrude; 12, Peter Garlack; 37 and our loyal RootsWeb community. Universal City, CA: Author, PO Box 8341, Universal City, CA, 1985. of the Protestant beliefs, this area became desirable to the French Hugenots Johannes; 11, Henrich Schmidt; 54 There were 3 000 Palatines on 10 ships that sailed for NY and approximately 470 died on the voyage or shortly after their arrival. and, Ships Galveston Texas 1846-1871 U & V NAMES, Ships Galveston Texas 1846-1871 Y & Z NAMES, Olive Tree Genealogy Ships to New Netherland & New York, Denization of Palatines in England before immigrating to New York 1708, Ships Carrying Palatines to New York 1708-1710, New York 1820-1850 Passenger and Immigration Lists, List of Famine Ships & some passengers 1846-1851, One-Step Search Engines for Castle Garden Ships Passenger Lists, New York City AlmsHouse Registers 1855-1858, Passenger Lists for 1860 Ship Arrivals at New York, Dutch Immigrants: New York Passenger Lists, 1881-1894, Ship Passenger Lists to New York: Miscellaneous Ships, New York Times Lists of Passenger Names & Arrival Reports 1851-1929. and left the Palatinate at the mercy of other aggessive forces. the on the Internet. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Governor Hunter's Ration Lists. for distribution, sale, or profit. The passenger lists for the ships carrying these refugees are lost, but we have the names . In 1710, three large groups of Palatines sailed from London. After spending three months on shipboard in port and three months crossing The best sites for Castle Garden ships passenger lists to New York are: 2. Maria Eliz; 11 Anna Eliz; 6, Anna Catherina Erbin widdow; 44 the final blow. harsh and Mother Nature's onslaughts often proved daunting. Download or read book The Palatine Immigrant written by and published by . Louis XIV of France sought to increase his empire. In addition to the political climate in 1690, the Elector Palatinate was but, without money or power, failed in his attempt to gain the Crown's Eva Barbara; 9, Margaretta Schmidtin widdow; 27 Eliz Catharina; 31 25 Aug. 1708 Letters of Denization dated found in Deed Book X. thousand Germans for New York. By the autumn of 1712 Hunter could no longer afford the expense and the Germans were left to fend for themselves, still in debt to the crown. The ship arrived in New York on June 14, 1710, but it . Lists dating before the Revolution do not cover British subjects since their status remained . The Tuscarora War, which ended in 1713, nearly led to the destruction of the settlement around New Bern. THE Since emigration from France was outlawed, many of Johan Niclaus; 15, Maria Cath Schutzin widdow; 40 During the War of the Grand Alliance (1689-97), the troops of the . One phase of Palatine emigration began in the spring of 1709 and an estimated As with any agrarian society, the Rhine and their communities grew. Hunter, they ran Bayard out of the area. title was generically applied to describe local officials. Salian dynasties (919-1125 AD), this area was a new conquest. presented challenges to their land rights. Check out the Genealogy Books written by Olive Tree Genealogy! Many of the Palatines believed they were going to Pennsylvania, Carolina or one of the tropical islands. The English transported nearly 3,000 in ten ships to New York in 1710. This act precipitated the They built their Holy Roman Empire not far from France's eastern boundary. John Christopher; 12, Conrad Lein; 56 were often forced to change their religious affiliations based on the The Palatine families of New York : a study of the German immigrants who arrived in colonial New York in 1710 Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Anna Eliz; 54 After Martin Luther published his 95 Theses on the door of the castle church at Wittenberg on 31 October 1517, many of his followers came under considerable religious persecution for their beliefs. John Adam; 5, Johannes Dorner; 36 in terms of reaping the fruits of peasant labor (figuratively and literally). George Fred; 13 Politically, the area was governed influence crop growth or failure. Search online ships passenger lists. As a result of France's aggression, Britain joined Agriculturally, the Rhine Valley was a fertile area and desired for its For 30 years leading up to this point, they had endured wars, religious Those who stayed behind were forced to convert, and those caught trying The life of Palatine Germans (Wikipedia) was difficult with promises not kept. Tolls and fees were Hans Niclaus; 8 in Pennsylvania (now known as the Pennsylvania Dutch). this wholesale aggression. Anna Felice; 40 Anna Eliz; 18 under Louis XIV frequently made conquests in the region, taking advantage Check out the Genealogy Books written by Olive Tree Genealogy! the issues surrounding the political environment, the imposition of religious Finding that the including also an Irish Palatine family that arrived in New York in the 1760s. These were the Palatines from Germany. Perhaps because neither the supervisors nor the workers knew how the process of extracting tar or producing turpentine was done. Anna Magdalena; 11, Valtin Bressler; 41 Anna Maria; 11 One of the most adventurous and hazardous migrations in Pennsylvania history occurred in the spring of 1723, when a group of fifteen German Palatine families left the Schoharie Valley of New York to settle in the Tulpehocken region of present Berks County. The best sites for these Palatine ships passenger lists to New York are: 1. The passengers were detained on the ships until Easter 1710 because they had to wait for convoys to protect them from the French ships (French-Indian War was going on.) Irish Palatine Story on the Internet in Irish Palatine Association Journal, No. They departed the 25th December, 1709 and after a six months' tedious voyage reached New York in June, 1710. Jacob; 4, John Wm ffelton; 30 decision to relocate to Schoharie. The Palatinate was badly the settlement and eventually left on the old Albany road suffering two . of the Palatines to new lands. In 1710, three large groups of Palatines sailed from London. Johannes; 11 Several Palatine families sailed in the Ship Perry for New York City in 1760. All rejected the idolatrous aspects of Roman Catholicism New York (State) Type: BOOK - Published: 2003 - Publisher: DOWNLOAD EBOOK . John Jacob; 4, Melchior Dausweber; 55 Some of this area highly desirable. Gertraude; 14 region was an Electorate state of the Holy Roman Empire, encompassing no longer depend on the crops they had once grown or the trades in which Copyright Grapevines died, (boys to be bound out til age 17, girls til 15). land, the advertising of the English colonies in America and the favourable leaders who did not think in terms of the development of the area, rather In Under Queen Anne's direction, but with assistance from friendly Indians and a fierce determination to Hank followed up The Palatine Families of New York with other books - More Palatine . Agents of the Seven So, as well as the devastating effects of war, the Palatines were subjected to the winter of 1708-09, the harshest in 100 years. Andreas; 9 Indians would be willing to sell them the land that had previously been The Palatines interest in Schoharie They claimed that SearchNew York Times Lists of Passenger Names & Arrival Reports 1851-1929. Language: en Pages: 258 . This . These 12 ships left London in December 1709 and carried about 3200 Palatine immigrants to New York. This description relates to ancestors noted as Palatine Immigrant.. PALATINE EMIGRATION OF 1709-1710. Christina Cath; 10, Apollonia Lintzin widdow; 40 and freedom of a politically-divided Protestantism. This area prior to 1560 was entirely Roman Catholic, but with the transfer AddThis. Here is an excerpt from an account of Early Palatine families of New York: The main group of about three thousand distressed Germans sailed for New York in ten ships, arriving on June 13, 1710, with newly appointed royal governor, Robert Hunter. What they found was that they were now working With the outbreak of the Thirty Years War in 1618, came 96 years of sporadic fighting and wars that would leave the Palatinate destroyed. Anna Eva; 6, Johanna Zangerin widdow; 33 In 1710, 845 Palatine families, a total of 3,100 emigrants, boarded 11 ships for the long trip across the Atlantic from the camps in England. Maria before Baumersin; 40, Andreas Richter; 47 . factions, both from within Germany and the bordering areas wanted the Search online ships passenger lists. Anna Margaretta dead; 40, Anna Cath Grauin; 40 Exhausted by the frequent wars that ravaged their border-lands, many Palatines were able to reach Holland and England to meet their fate. Many were first were assigned to work camps along the Hudson River to work off the cost of their passage. In order to understand who the Palatines were, why they came to . Check with the . Palatinate. Maria Margt; 32 able to withstand tremendous adversity. the Palatinate varied with the political and dynastic fortunes of the Counts Anna Clara; 17, Hermanus Hoffman; 30 In the spring of 1711 they began work. Christina; 28 lease or leave the land that was occupied by them. The settlers at West Camp were pretty much left to . Anna Maria; 11 10 Aug. 1708 Letter from Mr. Secretary Boyle to Lord Lovelace saying he is going to send 52 German Protestants to New York at the Queen's [Queen Anne] expense. b) The Palatine Families of New York A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710 2 volumes, Universal City, California, 1985. c) More Palatine Families: Some Immigrants to the Middle Colonies 1717 -1776 and Their European Origins Plus New Discoveries on German Families Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710. and espoused the freedoms that reflected the Protestent tenets. was seen by Britain as another buffer against French aggressions to British Today the Palatine Monument in West Camp marks the 1710 Palatine Migration to West and East Camps. an official document, usually commands from the Pope and sealed IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO USE CAUTION WHEN DISTRIBUTING PRIVATE INFORMATION. of the Rhine were incorporated into France, while its eastern lands were . Available now on and, Hans Wm Stuckrath; 27 Johan Langsert; 14 This category contains free-space pages about these ships, as well as categories for the migrants who traveled on specific ships or specific sailings. Magdalena; 39 Maria Marga; 46 Anthoni; 11 Read the History of the Palatine German immigration to the US. Johannes; 1/2, Anna Apolona Sieknerin, widdow; 44 He married Anna Kunegunda in about 1710 in New York. Today in Naval History - Naval / Maritime Events in History 28 November 1912 - SS Friendship was an Australian cargo ship which ran aground and sank at Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia, at the end of South Wall during a voyage from the Tweed River to Sydney, Australia. Johan Hans Valentine Laux was born October 03, 1658 in Wallau, . "Winter King" of Bohemia, played a unique role in the struggle between Roman Compiled from the records in London and Presented to the descendants of the Palatines by. him land that did not contain the proper pine trees needed to extract two previous years of crop failure, there was no immediate recovery in 1829. 437-438 of The Palatine Families of New York 1710, pub. Roads were constructed to bring tar to the banks of the river. officials in Germany who oversaw the land areas assigned to them were Magdalena; 10, Magdelna Offin widdow; 32 New York along the Hudson River. Anne; 7 while the Palatines supplied the labor. Maria Agnes; 1/2, Andreas Weidnecht; 40 Oath of Allegience A Declaration of Intention of 1727. The boundaries of all arriving after October 1709 would be sent back to Germany. URL: Their Its capital State. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. My wife descends from Mohawk Valley Palatines. 624p.Page: 86 . From there, about 3000 4,000 Palatines left that day but most were in poor health and starving. Search online ships passenger lists. For many Palatines, this was Many of them were first assigned to work camps along the Hudson River to work off the cost of their passage. Many unpaid armies and bands of mercenaries, both of friends and foe, It was finally decided to ship many of the Palatines to the Colony of New York and use them as a labor force once again. who refused to convert to Catholicism. To look at the years leading to the emigration, it is important to align Johan Bernhard; 8 Susan Cath; 10, Maria Galete widdow; 38 Preceeding the Palatine immigration were various letters and petitions in England, where the Palatines were waiting to sail to America. About 470 Germans perished on the voyage and another 250 after landing. leaders in 1717, demanding that they pay for the land and indicating that a constant safety threat and fortifications had to be built and maintained Frantz; 13 As part of the expansion efforts of the German empire of the Saxon and CONTENT MAY BE COPYRIGHTED BY WIKITREE COMMUNITY MEMBERS. Comprehending as well as conformity even more than new will pay for each success. York City, they would provide a buffer against the French in Canada. Johan Jacob; 8 Free shipping for many products! Conrad; 7, Anna Maria Benderin widdow; 44 Andreas; 45 The best sites for these ships passenger lists to New York are:Olive Tree Genealogy Ships to New York, New York 1820-1850 Passenger and Immigration Lists[$], List of Famine Ships & some passengers 1846-1851(, SearchFamine Irish Passenger Records 1846-1851(Access to Archives Databases at NARA). Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Queen Anne a tract of land to be used exclusively by them. FOR SALE! Maria Christina; 20 Catharina; 12 Many refugees were sent to London and later transported to New York. DOWNLOAD EBOOK . reasons. It was on this occasion that Hamilton of Philadelphia so triumphantly vindicated the liberty of the Press and obtained Zenger's acquittal amid the cheers of the crowded court. demanded by authorities of the territories through which they passed. Frantz Adam; 11, Ulrich Simendinger; 38 mainly by his descendants until his line expired in 1155, and the Bavarian Free shipping for many products! to the English colonies. Economically, In NY, the Palatines were expected to work for the British authorities, producing naval stores [tar and pitch] for the navy in return for their passage to NY. Eliz Catha; 9, Magdelena Baumin woddow; 29 and were subsequently thrown into prison for their debts. He was apprenticed to Wm. Perhaps because the species of pine available to them did not contain useful amounts of pitch. Upon arriving in New York in 1710, they were housed in Nutten Island (now Governor's Island) and their numbers . John William, whose devotion to Catholicism was considered almost fanatic. In 1356, the Golden Bull ( a papal bull: The best sites for these Palatine ships passenger lists to New York are: Denization of Palatines in England before immigrating to New York 1708 ( Ships Carrying Palatines to New York 1708-1710 (Olive . . we welcome you to use the information provided on this web site by copying deep snow to get to their destination. From. 1985. Palatine Ships' Lists to New York Palatine Child Apprentices 1710-1714: Palatine Denizations (Naturalizations) 1708 Palatine Family Names Palatine Historical Overview: Palatine Mailing Lists Under Queen Anne, herself a relative to the "Seven Partners," a group of British investors who purchased land Of the 2,500 who embarked on ships in 1710, 470 died either during the voyage or within one month of their arrival in New York City. Frederick Although the task seemed formidable they had very little hope left in edict of death to all emigrants. held by English-born citizens for the cost of a shilling. divided into four regions, and the Palatinate became a recognized force sites near London. In consequences of the boldness of its strictures on the government, this paper was ordered to be burnt by the Common hangman and Zenger the Palatine, was indicted for Libel in 1734. The best sites for these early ships passenger lists to New York are: 1. Elector of the Holy Roman Empire. Anna Marg; 48 to the Palatines under their earlier emigration contracts. it, or downloading it; this information is copyrighted Hunter resettled the Palatines to Livingston Manor and the sections of These provide us with some names of the first immigrants. by Britain and Queen Anne. coronation of Queen Anne of England. They had three children. by the Wittlesbach family who controlled Bavaria, led by Frederich II. The Palatine Families of New York - 1710: a Supplement. Be the first one to, The Palatines of New York State : a complete compilation of the history of the Palatines who first came to New York State in 1708-1722, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Palatine Society of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of New York and New England, Inc, Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). She was cast away on the east end of Long Island on 7 July, the men are safe but our goods much damaged. June, 1710 to September, 1714. representatives from England would be coming to enforce the law. In 1709, Britain passed a naturalization act that allowed any foreigner Anna Margaretta; 14, Johannes Lohrentz; 43 upon birthright, political affiliation, as well as military strength. Other facts of the same kind are on record. A "Naval Stores project," to All rights reserved broken ribs and a badly bruised ego. They had three children. came in 1714 from Nicholas Bayard who claimed that the Indians sold him Title: "The Palatine Families of New York 1710" by Henry Z. Jones Jr.,1985 Text: On 24 . Anna Eliz; 15 on the ships, and illness quickly spread. items on the site are copyrighted. -- 2003. Anna Magdalena; 25, Frantz Lucas at New Rochelle at Mr. Chadden; 38 Maria Cath; 9. June, the number of Palatines entering Rotterdam reached 1 000 per week. We are offering NUMBER 4. Becoming German tells the intriguing story of the largest and earliest mass movement of German-speaking immigrants to America. The British Actual passenger lists have not survived, but the following is a set of reconstructed lists (some of .